The “Infinite” in Infinite Banking

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Infinite Uses of Infinite BankingFlexibility and the ability to use money as you best determine is priceless; our current economic situation has shown us this. For the last three to four years we have experienced a very difficult environment with regards to lending, spending and saving. But where there is bad there is good, and the economic upheaval has created opportunities we can take advantage of.

Infinite Banking got its name because of the limitless possibilities in which you can use a properly structured life insurance policy. A properly structured policy is one that is built on a whole life chassis and with the appropriate paid-up additions rider(s). These elements allow for the least amount of risk and the most guarantees, which is the best foundation in which to structure and utilize the Infinite Banking system.

“Infinite” Banking

As the name implies, “Infinite” Banking is a system which can be used for anything. Many of our clients utilize the system for personal and business uses. In utilizing the Infinite Banking system they are practicing the basic principles found within the banking industry and can hold the positions of the “lender” and “borrower” simultaneously, but they could also just be the “lender” while someone else is the “borrower”.

Businesses and Infinite Banking

These same benefits and utilization of Infinite Banking can be brought into the business realm. In fact the Infinite Banking concept has been used by large banks and corporations for quite some time now, but it goes by a different name:  COLI – Corporate-Owned Life Insurance and BOLI – Bank-Owned Life Insurance. Below you will find a portion of the most recent ledger from Wells Fargo (notice the figures are in Thousands) which is the cash value of the life insurance (BOLI) they own – $19,334,000,000.

Why do they have this and what are the uses? They own the life insurance because it helps protect them from the loss of key employees (Death Benefit) , but allows them to utilize the dollars for multiple things such as tier 1 capital requirements and employee benefits (Living Benefits), just to name a few.

Wells Fargo FDIC Ledger
Click to Enlarge: Wells Fargo FDIC Ledger with Cash Value Totals Shown - In Thousands

Infinite Uses

The power of Infinite Banking is found within the four main attributes that it can carry – Liquidity, Safety, Rate of Return and Tax Benefits not to mention the death benefit. Infinite Banking is a system that allows the owner to participate in these attributes, creating infinite possibilities (your dollar doing multiple things – death benefit and utilization). See if Infinite Banking is right for you – do some research on how these policies are structured and how it would benefit you. Don’t pass up on the opportunity of taking advantage of one of the most powerful financial tools today.

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Table of Contents

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