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The Four Financial Life Stages


The individual who is in early stages of their career and working to pay off debt, build savings and secure a foundation.


The established individual who has chosen their career and are striving to build more wealth and prepare for large expenses.


The individual who is soon to be an empty nester and is in the final years of their career looking to the next step of retirement.


The individual who has left their career and is seeking secure lifestyle income, prepare for long term care expenses and ensure a legacy for their family.

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Specific Topics Covered Include

How to reduce your reliance on the financial products offered by Wall Street and The Banking Industry.

How to eliminate the necessity of consumer credit by a unique way to borrow money from a private mutual insurance company.

How to shape your unique financial goals using The Perpetual Wealth Strategy.

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Your Instructor - Patrick Donohoe

Patrick Donohoe, CEO a business person, entrepreneur, investor, and podcast host.

Patrick is the President and CEO of Paradigm Life, a private financial service, consulting and education company that serves individuals, businesses, and investors. Paradigm Life was founded in 2007.

Patrick is the host of The Wealth Standard Radio, which has been broadcasting since 2007 and continues to air live weekly.

Patrick is the co-creator of The Cash Flow Wealth Summit - a virtual financial conference that attracts thousands of participants from over 30 countries.

Patrick is passionate about financial education and has shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Skousen, Robert P Murphy, Peter Schiff, Tom Wheelwright, Andy Tanner and more.

Financial Resource Center

The Paradigm Life Resource Library has all our content in one place. It provides you with education through video, audio, and written format. Within the library are the answers you seek.

You will have access to our past webinar archive, our written articles that cover a variety of subjects, and other media that will assist you to in understanding how to build wealth outside of Wall Street and a guaranteed lifetime income in retirement.

At Paradigm Life®, we believe that financial education is the first step toward a successful financial future. At any stage of life, our resources will teach you about maximizing your financial goals.

We frequently update our Resource Center to keep you informed about relevant information on Whole Life Insurance and its uses.