Whole Life Insurance

Designed to build your wealth.

We get it: there are a lot of misconceptions around whole life insurance.

In reality, a whole life insurance policy is the vehicle to building sustainable wealth.

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When you work with a Wealth Strategist, we structure your whole life policies differently. We create a custom Wealth Maximization Account (WMA) that works for your financial situation, grows your wealth quickly, and allows you to access your money when you need it.

Here’s how we create the right plan for you:

A Wealth Maximization Account is the backbone of The Perpetual Wealth Strategy™

Access our FREE course to learn this powerful system for building your wealth.

Whole Life Insurance FAQ

  • Building a nest egg for retirement
  • Sheltering money from the IRS
  • Paying insurance premiums
  • Taking out low-interest, tax-free loans
  • Increasing the death benefit to a beneficiary
  • Growing wealth outside of Wall Street
  • Paying tuition
  • Investing in real estate
  • Travel
  • Personal development

The cash value of a whole life insurance policy may be used as a source of income in retirement. As long as the amount withdrawn doesn’t exceed the amount paid in insurance premiums, it is tax-free income. For more information about whole life insurance and retirement, schedule a free consultation with a Wealth Strategist.

One of the biggest benefits of a whole life insurance policy is that isn’t subject to the volatility of markets. Dividend-paying mutual life insurance companies comprise some of the biggest and most financially secure institutions in the world, which is why whole life insurance policies are considered to be much safer investment products than stocks, bonds, and traded commodities.

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