Premium Financing

Leverage life insurance for business financing

Do you have access to the capital your business needs?

Get more resources and you fuel growth. But getting money for growth can be complicated and confusing. 

Unless you leverage the same plan used by some of America’s wealthiest families and figures in history.

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Premium financing to fuel your business.

Our experts know how to structure premium financing for life insurance. In other words, you get the policies you need and keep all of your assets. It’s the win-win scenario you deserve. Contact Paradigm Life today to get started leveraging your life insurance for premium financing.

Premium Financing FAQ

A private family bank consists of multiple whole life insurance policies with cash value. The cash value of these policies can be used for anything that benefits the family, like real estate investments, education, retirement and long-term care, and transferring generational wealth. Private family banks have been used by wealthy families like the Rockefellers to safely fund investment opportunities and ensure a legacy.

The family banking concept is the idea that families can borrow from their own cash reserves in whole life insurance policies to privately fund life’s expenses. By borrowing against the death benefit of an insurance policy, family banking allows you to fund large purchases, like homes, cars, tuition, vacations, and more, while still earning interest on the full cash value of your policy. Family banking allows you to keep more of your hard-earned wealth, often with additional tax advantages, and efficiently pass on wealth for generations.

Keyman or key person insurance policies help protect the policyholder’s business by insuring key employees whose death would inflict a significant hardship on the business. The premiums for keyman insurance are paid for by the business and the cash value of the policy is available for business use. The policy coverage functions as a business asset.

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