Additional Policy Options

What is an accelerated death benefit?

Can an IRA be rolled over into a whole life insurance policy?

Can term life insurance be converted to whole life insurance?

About Paradigm Life

How do I earn income for life?

What does it mean to be your own bank?

Why should I choose Paradigm Life?

Death Benefits

What happens when a death benefit is claimed?

Can the death benefit be adjusted or customized over time?

Are death benefits taxable?


What is a 7702 plan?

What are the tax benefits of an annuity?

Are insurance premiums tax deductible?

Insuring Someone Else

How does a private family bank work?

What is the family banking concept?

What is a keyman or key person insurance policy?


Can an annuity be transferred into a whole life insurance policy?

Can a whole life insurance policy be transferred into an annuity?

What are the benefits of an annuity?

Long-term Care Insurance

How much is long-term care insurance?

Who qualifies for long-term care insurance?

When should long-term care insurance be purchased?

Cash Value

What can the cash value of a life insurance policy be used for?

How is whole life insurance used for income during retirement?

Does the stock market affect whole life insurance policies?

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