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CEO Patrick Donohoe dives deep into the foundational benefits, best practices, and elevated utilizations you should be exploring as you seek to maximize your strategy’s value. Get actionable insights from tenured Wealth Strategists, and hear powerful success stories from fellow clients embarking on the same financial path. Whether you’re an active client or simply exploring the power of cash value life insurance, we’re glad you’re here.


Hosted By: Nate Butler
Hosted By: Charlie Weiss
Hosted By: Noah Kelsch
Hosted By: Francisco Gomez
Hosted By: Jeremy Kelsch
Hosted By: Jennie Steed
Hosted By: Jean Pederson
Hosted By: Gary Pinkerton
Hosted By: David Shirkey

About The Host

Patrick Donohoe
CEO Paradigm Life

Patrick is the President and CEO and started Paradigm Life in 2007 after learning from his mentor Kim Butler about financial strategies outside of Wall Street.

With a background in economics and marketing, Patrick immediately realized the opportunity to teach investors, business owners, professionals and families on a large scale using modern digital media and communication technology. Since 2007 Paradigm Life has worked with thousands of individuals in all 50 states.

Patrick has shared the stage with financial experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, G Edward Griffin, Tom Hopkins, Blair Singer.

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