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You’ve created a powerful financial asset with the Perpetual Wealth Strategy and have a sound financial team behind you.

Now what?

CEO Patrick Donohoe dives deep into the foundational benefits, best practices, and elevated utilizations you should be exploring as you seek to maximize your strategy’s value. Get actionable insights from tenured Wealth Strategists, and hear powerful success stories from fellow clients embarking on the same financial path. Whether you’re an active client or simply exploring the power of cash value life insurance, we’re glad you’re here.

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Hosted By: Nate Butler
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About The Host

Patrick Donohoe

CEO Paradigm Life


Patrick Donohoe Paradigm Life

With 20+ years in financial services, Patrick gets the lifestyle of driven individuals like business owners, real estate investors, and entrepreneurs and how vital cash flow, risk mitigation, and investment performance is to them.

Patrick’s interest in finance began while studying Economics, Statistics, and Math in college.
Patrick co-founded Paradigm Life in 2007 and faced the challenges of the 2008-2009 financial crisis. He refused to give up, weathered his personal storms, and helped countless others navigate theirs.

He has experienced firsthand, personally and through clients’ lives, the opportunities, successes, and struggles they face. Patrick’s driving force is what he considers the master key to capitalizing on opportunities, celebrating success, and bulletproofing exposure to the unknown:

  1. Financial education
  2. Personal Development
  3. Proven Wealth Strategies

Today, he is the company’s C.E.O. and guides his team to bring inspiration, hope, value, and strategies to nearly 9,000 clients.
His financial philosophy and strategies are encapsulated in his book, “Heads I Win Tails You Lose – A Financial Strategy to Reignite the American Dream,” which has sold over 65,000 copies.

His efforts earned him recognition from Investopedia as one of the country’s top 100 most influential Advisors.
Patrick uses his personal and professional experiences to help clients navigate the complexities of personal finance. He prioritizes making financial theories accessible and practical for clients.

Patrick has hosted a podcast since the beginning of Paradigm Life in 2007 and now co-hosts The Perpetual Wealth Strategy Podcast, The Wealth Untethered Podcast, and the Wealth Standard Podcast.

Patrick is happily married with three children and enjoys working out, golfing, playing ice hockey, and spending time in the mountains with friends and family.

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