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Long term life insurance often refers to long-term care insurance or permanent life insurance, but with a hybrid policy, it can be both. If you have long term life insurance needs, find out how a hybrid insurance policy can provide lifetime, permanent coverage that is customized to fit your needsContinue Reading

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Variable life insurance is one of several types of permanent life insurance that come with a built-in savings component called cash value. On paper, it offers policyholders the best of both worlds: life insurance with a death benefit payout for beneficiaries and money that can be invested similar to aContinue Reading

Is Life Insurance Taxable blog

Tax advantages are one of the main reasons individuals decide to purchase whole life insurance over other insurance products, but it’s important to understand how taxes and life insurance work together. Which components of a life insurance policy are taxable and how can you use life insurance to pay lessContinue Reading

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Life insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all financial solution. There are several types of life insurance, and choosing the right policy depends on your unique financial goals. In this article, we explain the different types of life insurance, weigh the pros and cons of each, and help you narrow down which typesContinue Reading

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“How much life insurance do I need,” is the second most common insurance question, right after, “Which type of life insurance should I buy?” Buying life insurance is a lot like buying a house in that what you need depends a lot on your family and your financial situation—and forContinue Reading

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There are lots of insurance companies offering online life insurance quotes, but how do you know you’re getting the best one?  In this article, we’ll answer your life insurance quotes FAQs, explain when to shop online vs. shop through an insurance broker, and list top tips for getting the bestContinue Reading

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Term life insurance is a temporary form of insurance coverage meant to pay out if the policyholder dies within a specified term. Although there are a variety of whole life insurance policies that offer permanent coverage, there are several reasons why it makes sense to choose term insurance.  In thisContinue Reading

Coverage: Universal life insurance or whole life?

Universal life insurance and whole life insurance are both appealing options for individuals interested in using permanent life insurance as a way to grow wealth they can use while they’re living, while still providing their loved ones with financial security after they’re gone. But which one is right for yourContinue Reading

Whole life insurance for families

When people think of life insurance, they initially think of the death benefit—an insurance policy only pays out if you die, right? But whole life insurance offers living benefits too. For more than one hundred years individuals have used whole life insurance as a method to grow and preserve theirContinue Reading