cash vs policy loan

Were you raised to believe that debt is bad? In America, we’re often taught that a high credit score and zero debt are the ultimate financial goals. Ask anyone who has amassed a significant amount of wealth, however, and you’ll see that cash isn’t always king. What is a PolicyContinue Reading

Life insurance policy rider lists

“Life insurance policy riders? You mean there’s even more to consider?” You’ve done your homework. You’ve compared different types of life insurance. You’ve decided on the coverage you need at the price you can afford. But there’s another level of customization for your policy that provides you and your familyContinue Reading

life insurance 401k

Life insurance vs. a 401(k)—is there more than one way to save for your future? When it comes to retirement, you have more options for saving money than qualified plans, like an IRA or 401(k). Life insurance is another vehicle that helps you achieve your retirement goals, often with moreContinue Reading

Is your employee benefit life insurance enough?

With unemployment at an all-time high, you may have found your income and any associated employee benefits—including life insurance—significantly changed from what they were 6 months ago. Whether you lost a job, have recently started a new job, or are on the hunt for employment, here’s what you need toContinue Reading

Paid Up Additions PUA Rider

The paid-up additions (PUA) rider is a unique additional insurance feature that is available to you when you buy whole life insurance. To understand how a PUA rider works, let’s first talk about what riders are and how they compliment an insurance policy. Key Takeaways There are many types ofContinue Reading