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What are your options when a steep decline in the stock market and the interest rate on all of the “safe” investments is next-to-nothing? You don’t want to panic, but leaving all of your cash in equities and “riding out” the coming storm is not the smartest thing to do.Continue Reading

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The 2018 Cash Flow Wealth Summit promises to be the most inspirational conference in the event’s history. This motivating summit has played host to amazing presenters in the past and the future looks to be only better. The Summit has a select number of keynote speakers, a few of which willContinue Reading


Over the next 30 years, the U.S. will experience a great wealth transfer. It’s estimated that over $30 trillion will be passed from baby boomers, to Gen-Xers, and then to millennials. Looking at the history of families who inherit large sums of money, it’s interesting to note that the moneyContinue Reading


Laziness is a destroyer of wealth. There, we said it. It’s not a secret; just something nobody likes to acknowledge. All humans want to be secure, make a difference, find love, and have a sense of belonging. But when looking at what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis, why aren’tContinue Reading

Cognitive bias

Everyone hates to lose money, but ever stop to realize that for most of us the pain of losing money hurts more than the joy of finding money? It’s called “loss aversion,” and it is one example of what behavioral psychologists call a cognitive bias. Cognitive biases are generally thoughtContinue Reading

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Most of us take for granted that the government tweaks interest rates and the economy through the Federal Reserve—we know they do it, we just aren’t sure how or why, and we assume that it’s for everyone’s benefit. The monetary policies and mandates made by the Federal Reserve, or theContinue Reading


What does it take to insure a human life? Life insurance isn’t always a comfortable topic. Most of us are more comfortable ignoring the inevitability of our demise and overestimating the length of our stay in the mortal realm. However, none of us would purposely leave our family high andContinue Reading


NIRP stands for Negative Interest Rate Policy. Whispers of implementing this un-charted technique are running wildly through economic circles right now. When you know more about NIRP and how it affects the way you borrow and spend money, you have more control over your finances. We want to help youContinue Reading