Jar with label and money on the table.

The prospect of being able to fund the costs of your children’s college education can feel daunting. Particularly if your children want to go to a private four-year university directly out of high school, you are probably wondering how you’ll afford a $50,000+ annual tuition bill and all of theContinue Reading

Successful Investing Takes Effort

I talk to a lot of people, and get to see what financial decisions they make. Why they did this, why did they do that, and what their failures are, among other things. Unfortunately, a huge number of people make decisions based on a process that comes down to anContinue Reading

Leave a Legacy

I want to spend a little time on the idea behind the “Legacy” stage of the Perpetual Wealth Strategy. That’s something that’s somewhat hard to talk about because Legacy applies to so many different aspects of life. The most obvious role of the Legacy stage is to ensure that youContinue Reading

Education cost and high school fees as a graduation hat shaped as a hot air balloon being lifted up by the flames of the  burning of money as a metaphor for financial money stress.

Let’s face it: The cost of a college education is quickly spiraling out of control. Whether you’re still paying back your own college loans or facing the prospect of helping your children pay for theirs, there is no escape from the essentialness of college – or from the huge priceContinue Reading

tax season

Typical tax-deferred or tax-advantage savings plans haven’t proven themselves to be a guaranteed way to help people keep more of their savings protected from the tax man. This is for two reasons. First, the tax bill does come due when account owners withdraw money as income and secondly, because ofContinue Reading

military, veterans, home owner

Active duty members of the military and those qualifying for veteran’s benefits have several advantages over the typical investor when it comes to growing wealth in rental real estate. These advantages include better loan terms, less expensive insurance, reduced costs for maintenance and repairs, and better leasing and property managementContinue Reading