Man on boat researching how to qualify for life insurance

Do you qualify for life insurance? Insurability comes with a lot of misconceptions. One of the common reasons people overlook insurance, not only as a means of financial protection and certainty, but also as an investment tool is the assumption that they aren’t eligible due to a medical condition, lifestyle factors,Continue Reading

Wealth management team

The decision to work with a team of financial experts to help manage wealth isn’t one most people take lightly. It requires trusting others with your financial wellbeing and hoping they have your best interests in mind. Unfortunately, not all financial experts follow fiduciary responsibility guidelines that put you, theContinue Reading

key person insurance

What is Key Person Insurance? Also known as “Key Man” Insurance, or Company Owned Life Insurance (COLI), it is a type of life insurance that provides coverage for vital individuals of a business. Who is Considered a Key Employee? The employees designated as “key” are solely determined by the business.Continue Reading

Hedge Economic Risk How to

When it comes to your money, you face two economic risks: Either you’ll outlive your money, or your family will be faced with unexpected bills if you don’t live long enough. Add market volatility to the mix and it’s no wonder people are so often stressed and worried about theirContinue Reading

the cash value of whole life insurance

Whole life insurance policies have a unique feature that make them ideal vehicles for growing and protecting wealth—cash value. But how does cash value work? How does it grow? How do you access your money and what are the tax implications? Let’s break it down. What is the Cash ValueContinue Reading

Policy Loan

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a whole life insurance policy is the policy loan feature. As your insurance policy matures, you earn interest and dividends paid into the cash value portion of your policy. Plus, when you have a whole life insurance policy structured for maximum cash value, like oneContinue Reading

Policy premium

Job uncertainty is at the highest it’s been since the Great Depression due to stay-at-home orders and the economic shutdown brought on by the coronavirus. Many life insurance policyholders are wondering how to pay their premiums. It might be tempting to let your policy lapse when you’re financially struggling, butContinue Reading