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“Is life insurance an investment?” Ask a financial planner this question and you’ll get varied responses. The truth is it depends on the type of insurance you buy. Some insurance policies come with built-in components that are either tied to investment options or function as investments. But are these typesContinue Reading

Dividend paying whole life insurance concept: everyone gets a piece

Dividend paying whole life insurance can be a multi-faceted financial tool with a variety of living benefits. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand what it is, how it works, or what makes a dividend-paying policy different from a traditional whole life policy—and this lack of understanding can translate into hundreds ofContinue Reading

Indexed universal life insurance risk vs. reward concept

Indexed universal life (IUL) insurance combines the death benefit of a life insurance policy with the cash value of an asset and the investment options of an index—plus flexible premiums—all into one product. IUL policies are sold as financial multi-tools with an array of benefits. But before you decide ifContinue Reading

Life insurance as an asset concept, harvest time

Whole life insurance can play a pivotal role in your wealth strategy and is a valuable piece of a balanced financial portfolio, but many people don’t understand the full spectrum of benefits whole life insurance offers or why life insurance is an asset.  In this article, Wealth Strategist Bryan McCloskeyContinue Reading

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Long term life insurance often refers to long-term care insurance or permanent life insurance, but with a hybrid policy, it can be both. If you have long term life insurance needs, find out how a hybrid insurance policy can provide lifetime, permanent coverage that is customized to fit your needsContinue Reading

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Variable life insurance is one of several types of permanent life insurance that come with a built-in savings component called cash value. On paper, it offers policyholders the best of both worlds: life insurance with a death benefit payout for beneficiaries and money that can be invested similar to aContinue Reading

Is Life Insurance Taxable blog

Tax advantages are one of the main reasons individuals decide to purchase whole life insurance over other insurance products, but it’s important to understand how taxes and life insurance work together. Which components of a life insurance policy are taxable and how can you use life insurance to pay lessContinue Reading