Types of Life Insurance blog header image

You know you need life insurance, but which type of policy is best for your family? There are 3 primary types of life insurance, and each comes with its own advantages (and disadvantages). The type of life insurance that’s right for you depends on your needs, your financial goals andContinue Reading

Is Life Insurance an Asset or a Liability blog header image

If you own a life insurance policy or are thinking about purchasing one, where does it fit on your balance sheet? You have to pay a monthly, quarterly or annual premium, so is it a liability? It might seem that way, but the answer is it depends on the typeContinue Reading

Cash Flow Banking for Entrepreneurs blog header image

Cash flow banking is a proven wealth building strategy ideal for entrepreneurs that utilizes a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy with a paid-up additions rider to maximize growth and protect your assets. But how exactly does cash flow banking for entrepreneurs work? In this article, we’ll explain the concept behindContinue Reading

What Is Modified Life Insurance blog header image

Modified whole life insurance, also called modified premium life insurance, is a type of permanent insurance coverage that charges lower premiums than a regular whole life policy in the first 5-10 years. After 5-10 years, policy premiums go up and typically cost more than a regular whole life policy. InContinue Reading

Limited Pay Life Insurance Blog Header

Limited pay life insurance is a type of whole life insurance policy that is structured to only owe premiums for a set number of years. In other words, rather than paying your insurance premiums in perpetuity, you agree to pay them in full over a pre-specified time. With the limitedContinue Reading

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There are several key benefits to owning a permanent life insurance policy, not just for your beneficiaries, but also during your own lifetime. One of these benefits is life insurance liquidity. Life insurance liquidity is the ability to access cash value in your policy whenever you need it.  Permanent lifeContinue Reading

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Life insurance for veterans is one of many benefits offered to those who have served our country, but 120 days after leaving military service, you’ll have to convert your veteran life insurance policy into a civilian one or lose coverage. Too often, veterans let coverage lapse, leaving their families unprotectedContinue Reading

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Overfunded life insurance can help you quickly grow wealth, especially when utilized with whole life insurance as part of a Wealth Maximization Account™. In this article, we’ll explain what overfunded life insurance is and how it works, why overfunded life insurance is used by the wealthy (and large corporations), andContinue Reading

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When most people think of dividends, investment accounts and stocks come to mind. But did you know you can also earn dividends on certain types of life insurance?  Dividends can be a profitable and practical way to grow your wealth. In this article, we’ll explain life insurance dividends and whichContinue Reading