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Limited pay life insurance is a type of whole life insurance policy that is structured to only owe premiums for a set number of years. In other words, rather than paying your insurance premiums in perpetuity, you agree to pay them in full over a pre-specified time. With the limitedContinue Reading

Typical tax-deferred or tax-advantage savings plans haven’t proven themselves to be a guaranteed way to help people keep more of their savings protected from the tax man. This is for two reasons. First, the tax bill does come due when account owners withdraw money as income and secondly, because ofContinue Reading

Plan for Retirement

On May 16th we will be launching a brand new site. It’s not changing anything that we’re doing right now, really, but actually expanding our vision to the different stages of life. Each person comes from a unique situation and circumstance, and will need something different as part of theirContinue Reading

This blog was created based on our podcast with Patrick Donohoe and Barry Dyke. Click here to listen to it now! Learn from the Corruptness of Wall Street America is in a retirement crisis. The truth is, in 1983 if you worked for a large employer, 83% of theContinue Reading

Baby Boomers have benefitted handsomely from dramatic increases in their home equity over the decades and generous pension plans. But that does not mean they’re riding comfortably into the retirement sunset. Quite to the contrary, Baby Boomers feel the same financial fears as the rest of the population – exceptContinue Reading

If you’re like most Americans who are contemplating retirement, you’re probably wondering how much you need to have saved up to retire. You want to be able to live comfortably in retirement, and to not have to constantly be worrying about whether you’re withdrawing your savings too fast. These fearsContinue Reading

A century ago, individuals who claimed to be millionaires were part of a rare and exclusive club, but a million bucks today doesn’t go as far—and isn’t nearly as impressive—as a million dollars in 1915. Using a basic annual inflation rate of 3.2 percent, calculations indicate that you’d need overContinue Reading

We Don't Believe in Retirement

‘Retirement’ is a buzz word in the financial industry that we don’t like to hear. That is because too often individuals we work with either believe their qualified plans are the repository of all plans, so they’re closed off to better options; or the opposite exists, where individuals realize theirContinue Reading