Infinite Banking Radio: How You and the Economy are Effected by Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve

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World of Numbers - Global EconomyYou may be asking yourself, “What does Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve have to do with me and my personal finances?”  The answer to that question is – Everything!  Looking into what has occurred over last 5 years and how it has changed the Micro and Macro economic landscape, one needs to be aware of and understand the Federal Reserve and its monetary policies. The reason being is that our global, national, state, local and personal economies can (and often do) follow the will of monetary policymakers.

In this episode of Infinite Banking Radio,  Patrick Donohoe and Brad Gibb will discuss many topics associated with economics, business owners, entrepreneurs and personal finance and why it is vital to understand monetary policy and how it can affect you, your family and/or your business.

Resource Links:

Foundation For Economic Education

Economic Policy Journal

Robert Wenzel comments to the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve System: 

Monetary Policy

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Table of Contents

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