Infinite Banking Radio: How Emotions Play a Role in Your Financial Decisions – Patrick Donohoe and Justin Atkinson

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Family BuyingJustin Atkinson joins Patrick Donohoe for November’s Podcast.  Justin has been in the financial services industry for 12 years.  He has built his business around safety and security – especially those found in the Infinite Banking Concept.  Justin has been with Paradigm Life for just 6 months and brings tremendous value with him.  In addition to his work as an insurance agent, Justin has spent the last 20 years working as a life coach.

In this month’s podcast, Patrick and Justin discuss how emotions effect all decisions – especially financial ones.  How can individuals and families base their decisions to spend money around solid true principles rather than on the impulses of emotion?

With proper education, people can make a different set of decisions that produce different results.  Rather than just doing what they’ve always been taught to do or what everyone else is doing – even though it is not working for them.  Patrick and Justin discuss how the Infinite Banking Concept provides a system that allows people to follow a different set of rules – rules that overcome human emotion.

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Table of Contents

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