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Cash Management Strategies for Real EstateOur friends at The Real Estate Guys Radio Show, Robert Helms and Russell Grey, decided it was time to get further insight and expertise on how Infinite Banking could be utilized with real estate.  As the real estate market tries to make an effort to rebound, many investors are finding it hard cope with the changing real estate market.

In this interview Patrick discusses how Infinite Banking could help create more stability and control with your real estate dealings. This is accomplished because of some unique attributes found within a correctly structured Infinite Banking policy.  In the Real Estate Guys Radio Show blog they made an  interesting correlation between a HELOC and a properly structured Infinite Banking policy.

“It works kind of like a line of credit secured by a property.  Remember those?  You could borrow against your equity at a low rate, use the money for whatever you wanted, then put it back whenever you wanted.  And then you could take it back out again, anytime you wanted, without prior approval.  Ahhh, those were the good old days!  (hint: it’s not a mortgage).

But as much as we liked those old HELOC (Home Equity Lines of Credit), they had some pesky side effects we just thought we had to live with:

  • You had to qualify to get them set up.  If you had bad credit and no income, you couldn’t get one.  How unfair.
  • The credit line could be shut off at any time for any reason.  Even if something minor happened, (you know, like the market crashing and all the equity disappearing), the bank would simply reduce or completely cancel the line of credit.  How rude!
  • You had to make payments.  What?!  That’s so inconvenient.
  • If you didn’t make the payments, the lender might actually foreclose on your property – even if you were still living in it.  Now that’s REALLY inconvenient. And rude.

Enough about those old crappy HELOCS.  Who needs them anyway?” –

You can listen to the full interview over at  The Real Estate Guys Radio: Be Your Bank – Cash Management Strategies for Real Estate Investors or check out their most recent blog post detailing the topics covered. For more information about The Real Estate Guys visit their website.  It is full of useful information and tips regarding the ever changing real estate market.

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Listen to the Real Estate Guys Radio Show Interview with Patrick Donohoe of Paradigm Life

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Table of Contents

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