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The Real Estate GuysPatrick Donohoe of Paradigm Life had the opportunity to be interviewed by The Real Estate Guys Radio which is a hugely popular radio show that covers real estate, finances and investing topics and has one of the most downloaded podcasts in all of iTunes (if you don’t currently subscribe to their podcast you need to)! Some of the most recent guests on The Real Estate Guys show have included billionaire and CEO Steve Forbes and fund manager, economist, and author Peter Schiff.

In this show entitled: What is Your Risk Paradigm? a Life or Debt Decision, The Real Estate Guys and Patrick Donohoe discuss how life insurance, when structured correctly, can provide living benefits and utility to almost any business and personal situation including real estate!  These living benefits can include: Liquidity, Safety, Rate of Return, and Tax Benefits. To learn more about how you can utilize Infinite Banking in real estate visit www.BeYourBank.com.

At Paradigm Life we have worked with many business owners, real estate investors, doctors and dentists in implementing the Infinite Banking Concept for their specific situation.  We specialize in educating clients so they can take full advantage of these benefits. Listen to The Real Estate Guys Radio podcast below to learn how you can take advantage of the Infinite Banking Concept and its living benefits.

The Real Estate Guys Radio:

Broadcast Blog – What is Your Risk Paradigm? A Life or Debt Decision

Audio – What is Your Risk Paradigm? A Life or Debt Decision

Visit the Real Estate Guys Radio website to get insightful information about the real estate and financial world, and subscribe to their podcast.  You can find them at www.RealEstateGuysRadio.com.

Infinite BankingFor more information on Infinite Banking download our free article!

Other Reference Sites: www.BeYourBank.com, www.BankingForDoctors.com,


Table of Contents

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