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The Perpetual Wealth Strategy™


Build wealth in a revolutionary way using sound financial principles and proven strategies designed to optimize the business of you.

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Learn how to convert your assets into an income for life, and achieve a certainty that will withstand any economic environment.

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Learn the principles of being valuable to others as well as how to leave those principles to those who will inherit your wealth.

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What is the Strategy?

The Strategy is an evolution of concepts like Infinite Banking, Income for Life, Cash Flow Banking and the 770 Account. It uses private mutual insurance companies and strategically designed insurance policies to maximize cash flow, minimize tax and efficiently grow your wealth.

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Who does it Work For?

Everyone! Our three step process (Growth, Income, Legacy) allows you to focus on your current financial stage. It doesn't matter if you are trying to build wealth, maximize existing wealth, or positioning assets for optimal income instead of structuring things for your posterity - the Perpetual Wealth Strategy will help.

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Building Wealth Outside Wall Street


The majority of the $85 Trillion in American wealth is in the stock market.

Wall Street

Over the last 20 years, the average investor has earned less than 5% in the market and that is before fees and taxes.


The Wealthy have used a 200 year old industry to grow their assets.


The strategy is popular among dynasty families like the Rockefellers and the Kennedy's but the average person has never heard of it.


Celebrities such as Walt Disney, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and even Houdini used this wealth strategy.


Banks and Corporations use it to fund their executive pension and retirement packages.

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Change the Way You Look at Life and Wealth

  • Increased certainty regarding how your assets grow.
  • Increased access to credit and financing.
  • Control over how and when you use your liquidity.
  • Privacy and Asset Protection.
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