Best Investment

The big question that is brought up time and time again in discussion with clients is “What is the best investment?” In essence, everyone wants to know what investment has the least amount of risk but the highest return. They want something that they can guarantee. So what is theContinue Reading

Successful Investing Takes Effort

I talk to a lot of people, and get to see what financial decisions they make. Why they did this, why did they do that, and what their failures are, among other things. Unfortunately, a huge number of people make decisions based on a process that comes down to anContinue Reading

Typical tax-deferred or tax-advantage savings plans haven’t proven themselves to be a guaranteed way to help people keep more of their savings protected from the tax man. This is for two reasons. First, the tax bill does come due when account owners withdraw money as income and secondly, because ofContinue Reading

Cash Flow Wealth Summit 2016

At Cash Flow Wealth Summit 2016 we have an incredible lineup of speakers that are sure to provide tons of helpful information and insight. This year’s keynote speakers are Robert Kiyosaki and Jason Hartman. Here is a little more information about them. Robert Kiyosaki Robert Kiyosaki is most widely known forContinue Reading

Zero to One

Find Something New This is a pretty unique episode because we’re going to talk about a recent adventure that I went on to the United Arab Emirates and specifically to the city of Dubai. And I went there not just for a vacation. I rarely travel for personal reasons, mostlyContinue Reading

Become a Better Investor by Helping Others I’m gonna talk about one more need and then we will call it a podcast. The last one is contribution and this is very similar to what I said before about creating value. It’s understanding people and understanding the exchange that takes placeContinue Reading

Love in Investing

How Love Plays a Part in Investing I want to talk about a few other needs in addition to the ones I’ve addressed earlier. I’m speaking about connections and love. I’m not talking about romantic love per se, but rather being a part of a group. Who we are isContinue Reading

Financial Education

The traditional dogma or philosophy of education has been putting in your learning years and then going to your working years. But the reality of it is, they are all learning years. Talk to any student on campus and ask, “What are you doing?” And they’ll say they’re trying toContinue Reading

Alternative to Wall Street

Once an individual or family has gotten their feet under them, financially speaking, they start to look toward the future. How can they make the most out of their savings, to ensure that they are taken care of in the long run? Most of these people have either started researchingContinue Reading

When we look to the ultra-wealthy, we see the embodiment of perpetual wealth. They seem to never worry about running out of money, and they don’t even seem to save, as they simply live off the huge returns they get on already accumulated wealth. This level of wealth seems soContinue Reading