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cookiejarAs a child I grew up on a farm in a family of 4 hungry kids. We’d get excited when Mom made cookies or some other goodies. Every couple weeks she would bake a small batch of cookies as a treat.  They always disappeared so fast. “Who ate all the cookies?” This comment was heard quite often in our home, usually the next day or even sometimes the very same evening. One day as they were disappearing rapidly, in a desperate attempt to save an extra cookie, and since I’d just been told I could not have another. I boldly decided to lick the top of one that had caught my eye. I made certain this act was done in plain sight while everyone was watching.  Sure, it was a desperate act. Everyone saw me and I got all kinds of shouts of disapproval and “ews!” Though, I was silently ashamed of this disgusting act, I was smugly confident that I would now have a cookie tomorrow. Dad, watching what had happened (and always one to take the opportunity to teach) walked up, very calm and unaffected by my desperate act, and quietly picked up the asset in question.  With a full knowledge of my act, we all watched it disappear down his cookie hatch. Asset gone!!!  I was so frustrated.  “Why’d you do that? That’s gross” I declared, not recognizing the irony of my accusation.

At the time, in my head I was certain this saliva layer would protect that cookie from the hands of those that I didn’t trust to leave me one for the next day.  Hardly! The judge took my cookie. What I really needed was my own private cookie jar with a combination lock that only I knew and could access!

One of the great side benefits of Life Insurance is the level of additional asset protection that it provides its clients and their beneficiaries.

Do a little homework and you will find that what I’m suggesting is very real and has protected the assets of many high-profile people when things didn’t go their way in court.  It would be nice to name a few that were our heroes (and clearly good people) that got handed a raw deal, but those are not usually the ones we hear about. Why shouldn’t it be the type of protection you deserve as a good person responsibly protecting your assets from the unknown?

Go ahead and judge my cookie preservation act.  I was young.  Chances are you’ve thought about doing that at least once in your life too, right?  You deserve better protection, though, and should build a fortress around your wealth so nobody can get to it if things don’t go your way.

In short, the values of Life Insurance (both the cash value and the death benefit) are protected from creditors under specific conditions. It’s important to note that the level of protection varies in every state so it warrants your further research on this subject.  As always, I recommend good legal advice from a qualified attorney in your state.

Sean Fleming

Table of Contents

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