article : A Woman's Worth Financially Empowering Women

A Woman's Worth Financially Empowering Women

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A Woman's Worth Financially Empowering Women


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According to the US Department of Labor 57% of women, since 2013, are part of the working population, as opposed to 67% of men being part of the working population. Since 1970, the total number of women in the workforce was 30 million; between 2006 and 2010 the number rose to 72 million.

What is also everywhere are the telling statistics of the disparity of women's wages compared to that of men. Though women may generally earn less than men, it doesn't mean their financial picture,or financial future, has to reflect that.

Being financially secure is possible on any income. And when stability and security is present, it's easier to build wealth. Your cash assets are worth more to you today than they will be tomorrow, so it's imperative to diversify your dollars to prevent stagnation. Taxes and inflation are the two biggest wealth eroding culprits. Because of that, we at Paradigm Life, ardently stress how important it is to take the necessary steps that will assist in deflecting the loss of wealth.