Infinite Banking utilizes the living benefits that can only be  found within participating whole life insurance policies. We like to identify 4 living benefits that the policy holder can actually utilize while the policy is still in force.  These benefits are: 4 Living Benefits of Infinite Banking: Safety – Life insuranceContinue Reading

Recently the Wall Street Journal came out with an article entitled – Ten Stock-Market Myths That Just Won’t Die.  In this article it goes over many of the common myths that are prevalent within the stock investment industry and gives a type of explanation of what each myth is and what is theContinue Reading

Patrick will be headed off to San Francisco tomorrow to be on the Real Estate Guys Radio Show which is one of the highest ranked financial/real estate podcasts on the internet. Check the guys out on The podcast should be ready in a few weeks on their podcast as well as ours.

Last year I had a client bring in some literature of Dave Ramsey and his take on Permanent Life Insurance.  Dave Ramsey is one of the foremost opponents to permanent life insurance, but yet in his arguments he excludes some very important details.  His alternative is buy term and investContinue Reading

Patrick Donohoe gives an analysis of the buy term invest the difference argument. This philosophy is widely held but more specifically is the advice of Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman and Primerica. Using an insurance policy that is set up for optimal use for the INFINITE BANKING CONCEPT is shown. WithoutContinue Reading