Summer Solstice: Being Prepared for Your Financial Turning Points

Summer Solstice: Being Prepared for Your Financial Turning Points

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Summer Solstice: Being Prepared for Your Financial Turning PointsThe days are longer and warmer, your winter clothes packed away, kids are out of school, your Facebook thread inundated with how hot this week will be in all corners; looks like summer has arrived.

The Summer Solstice is upon us, one of only two times a year that the sun is at its greatest distance from the earth. And by definition, solstice means turning point.

The earth knows to prepare for this turning point each year, how many of us do the same?

But how many of us actually prepared financially for life’s turning points? The turning points of life can be anything, from the simple family vacation, to the larger turning points, your retirement.

If the sun doesn’t make it to its turning point on time, there is not anything or anyone that is going to ensure that it does. The same goes for us, if we are not prepared financially for the many turning points of life, no one is going to do it for us.

Whole Life Provides Cash for Life’s Turning Points

Vacations, summer fun, the unexpected events of life, retirement; they all require the same thing, CASH.

Saving is useless. Most try to save for that vacation, for retirement and it has failed time and time again,

Merely saving the extra money will more than likely fail you every time. Stocking extra money (if and when there is any) may feel like an investment to your future goals and needs, but it only is a temporary ‘safety net’ for the next time a bill is higher than expected, or you decide to treat yourself to a new purchase.

And once you access the savings you have, it is gone, any money you later add to replace what you used remains just that; vulnerable until the next unexpected financial event.

The good news – there is a way to financially prepare for your future retirement, and also to have cash available to you for the many constant turning points of life.

Whole Life Insurance satisfies the turning points in life because it acts as an asset to your financial growth. It acts like a savings account in that the money available for your future continues to accrue and is protected.

Whole Life policies provide the policy holder with accessible cash value that can be accessed during the policy term, and while you are alive.

You can access the cash for any reason; consolidate your bills, or invest the cash into additional performing assets, and take that family vacation. Simply having it available for life’s unforeseen incidentals to where you don’t have to tap into your standard income is reason enough for many.

And what’s more is that if and when you do access the cash value of your Whole Life policy, you have not depleted it. Unlike a savings account, the cash value associated to your Whole Life Policy continues to accrue (with regular premium payments).

A Whole Life Policy provides you with the cash you need on hand for what you need, what you want, and how you want to retire. A Whole Life policy is a solid financial plan for life’s turning points.

If you haven’t already considered a Whole Life policy, do so now. You still have time to prepare for your Summer solstice, and perhaps even to plan that summer getaway.

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Table of Contents

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