Keep Your Fiscal Fitness in Check

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fiscalFor many people, regular physical exercise can be a challenge. It can take a lot of discipline and work when choosing to keep one’s body healthy. Fitness experts all the time tell individuals to stay consistent because typically, results don’t come immediately – however, they eventually do come.

Just like good physical health takes some discipline, so does good financial health. It takes daily diligence to stay ahead of your financial goals and manage money correctly.

The following test will help you determine if your fiscal fitness is where it should be – or if it is in need of improvement.


  1. Do you find yourself financially short before each payday?
  2. Do you have trouble knowing where your money went?
  3. Has a recent change in your job or family status caused increased financial pressure?
  4. Are you sure that the life, health and dental insurance that you receive from your employer will be sufficient for your family?
  5. Are you saving for your children’s future education?
  6. Will you run out of money during your retirement years?
  7. Should your current savings be working harder for you?
  8. Are your assets positioned properly to pass on to your beneficiary(s)?
  9. Do you plan adequately for taxes, or is April 15 disaster time?
  10. Lastly, have you established an emergency fund? If so, will it be sufficient for at least 3 months?

How did you do?

Did you cringe at the answers you were giving or smile knowing that you were on the right track? Though some questions might be easier to answer than others, overall this test is an excellent indicator to help you determine how fit your finances are.

Getting Fit through Whole Life Insurance

Another way to keep your financial health at its peak is with Permanent Whole Life Insurance. Whole Life Insurance not only keeps your finances strong, but it’s like a multi-vitamin for your money.

When you put your money into a Whole Life Policy, you are able to maximize the use of your dollar. This maximization happens because Whole Life Insurance offers ample living benefits like, market security, rate of return, tax-savings, and liquidity.

Our objective at Paradigm Life, is to help people achieve their financial goals through properly structured Whole Life Insurance. Many people do not realize the valuable attributes that whole life insurance provides.

Next time you are in need of a financial overhaul, contact an agent at Paradigm Life. We can help structure a policy that will suit your needs and help you keep your fiscal fitness thriving. And remember, If results aren’t seen immediately, stay consistent, eventually your financial life will be robust.

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Table of Contents

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