In this month’s podcast Patrick Donohoe is joined by Eric Roy to discuss Infinite Banking and how the concept can be applied in Canada. Eric Roy has been active in the Canadian insurance industry for the last 12 years and provides some valuable insight on some of the differences betweenContinue Reading

Paradigm Life’s Patrick Donohoe and Brad Gibb take time out from the Real Estate Guys Summit Sea to bring you this month’s podcast.From the unique location of the Cayman Islands, Pat and Brad share a few of the things that they have gleaned from their time as a part ofContinue Reading

As you get ready to start a new year, you may want to adjust the way that you help your children understand budgeting and money. A recent survey shows that children bring in an average of $15 a week for allowance. About 61% of parents say that they pay theirContinue Reading

Being audited can be time consuming and nerve wracking. The IRS does not have the man power to audit more than about 1% of all individual tax returns on an annual basis. To figure out who they are going to audit, the IRS has some red flags that will prettyContinue Reading

Justin Atkinson joins Patrick Donohoe for November’s Podcast.  Justin has been in the financial services industry for 12 years.  He has built his business around safety and security – especially those found in the Infinite Banking Concept.  Justin has been with Paradigm Life for just 6 months and brings tremendousContinue Reading

It is really called “Cash Surrender Value”. When you enter into a contract with a life insurance company and buy Permanent Life Insurance, you have an insurance policy that is unlike any other insurance policy that exists. As you make premium payments into your policy, a percentage of your premium becomesContinue Reading

Our hearts go out to all of those that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. As the East Coast continues to rebuild cities, homes, and neighborhoods we hope that this recovery process can be fast and quick for all involved. Throughout this time it is important to be aware ofContinue Reading