Sliding China Market May Drag You With It

Sliding China Market

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China is on the other side of the world. What they do shouldn’t affect your investments, right? Wrong.  And the scary thing is that nobody can tell you how. That’s what we call a crapshoot. Maybe it’s time you get more information about what’s going on in China, and we want to help.

Here are the facts. China is the world’s largest economy. Last year China experienced an economic bubble that popped (we remember what that feels like from 2007—ouch!). Since then, the market took a wild swing upward. This year there’s a huge concern that the yuan is heading for its steepest losses ever. But for right now their market is quiet. Whew.

According to Yaroslav Lissovolik, chief economist of the Eurasian Development Bank, it is plausible that the deteriorating economic growth in China could become a key risk to the global economy. China is a global power and possibly the second most important economy to the world behind the United States. In January of 2016, the U.S. and Europe saw exactly how China’s bursting bubble caused stock market downturns. The ripple effect of China or any global market easily reaches the market in the U.S.

Does thinking about how this scenario can affect your investments seem like you’ve built your house on a volcano that may or may not blow? Then you’re starting to see the real picture of gambling with your money in the stock market. When it comes to the stock market volatility, it’s just different players with the same horror story over and over.

We agree with Einstein when he said that you can’t solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them. You can’t find financial peace for your future in an environment that is chronically uncertain. So what next? Change is required. You can build wealth outside of Wall Street, and we know how. The best part is that we want to teach you to do it too. Here are your first steps:

• Realize instability will continue happening in global markets
• Believe that you don’t need to participate in those markets
• Learn about your options and what you can do
• Take responsibility for what happens to your money
• Create the business of YOU

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Sliding China Market

Table of Contents

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