The Key to Success? Put Yourself in a Successful Environment

The Key To Success

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Somewhere along the line I have made the connection between the environment that you’re in that creates an idea and what you do with that idea. For me, that has really been the key to success. Successful people, whatever they define success to be, surround themselves with everything they need to be successful. Putting yourself in that environment allows you to think, to come up with ideas. One of the most powerful things that you have, the ability to think, the ability to come to conclusions, the ability to come up with something is most powerful when you’re in your comfort zone.

So really, if your environment is the key to success, how much are you willing to invest in that environment? I think of that type of investment for a person, where they invest in environment and in experiences can go a long, long way. A thousand bucks or maybe a couple thousand dollars in travel and food and whatever else, but what type of person will they be after that and what type of value can they create for the world that will increase their income? They might spend three to four thousand dollars there and who knows, they might be able to earn a promotion, they might want to do some marketing, they might receive management training, or leadership training, get a raise, get a bonus. If you can control that, that’s proof that you can control something else that you’re passionate about.

I think it’s the most rewarding thing you can do. And once you find that environment, there’s nothing better than to help someone else with theirs. I think it’s just part of our nature but when we find something we love to do and it’s valuable to somebody else and we’re able to continually help somebody with that, there’s no better feeling, no better reward. When you’re able to see the change in people and make that connection between one human being and another and how one can influence and change another or give them a different perspective, it’s extremely rewarding.

I think as well, when you’re working hard to help someone else be the best they can be at whatever you’re helping them with, it really pushes you to be on the cutting edge of that thing. You want to continue to learn everything you can about that topic so that you can continually help that person. So in a way, it helps you much more than it helps the person you’re helping. It’s a powerful cycle. And if you can have that attitude not just about one thing, but about three or four or five things, you can really create some powerful progress. I mean, you don’t want to stretch yourself too thin, but you also don’t want to be one dimensional.

So I think the key to success is two-fold. You need to find the right environment for success, and you also need to reach out from that environment, and contribute to the success of others. If you can do those two things in the right way, you will always find success in one way or another.

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The Wealth Standard

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