Is the Internet A Tax-Free Zone? Most people don’t want to pay taxes when they purchase goods online. Surprised? Didn’t think so. But individual states DO want you to pay tax on internet purchases to even out competition with brick and mortar stores and for obvious revenue reasons—sales tax paysContinue Reading


4 Things To Watch For in a 2017 Market The year-end “Trump Trade”—defined by rising stock prices, falling bond prices, and a stronger U.S. dollar—continues in January. All the major U.S. stock indexes opened higher. U.S. Treasury bonds opened lower. And the U.S. dollar hit a fresh 14-year high. RightContinue Reading

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Patrick Donohoe talks with co-host Chunga about Ford Motor Company’s decision to shutter it’s plans for a new production plant in Mexico and instead create 700 new jobs in Michigan. What does this mean for Ford?  Was President Elect, Donald Trump the driving force behind this decision? Meanwhile in California,Continue Reading

How to Escape Pension Panic The main benefit of a pension is that employer guarantees that the employee receives a definite amount of benefit upon retirement. Scratch that. Nowadays, a guarantee is too strong of a commitment—especially for public employees. Pensions can be cut, and it’s happening more and moreContinue Reading

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How to Boost Your Financial IQ for FREE! Does your New Year’s resolution include lifelong learning? Have you ever wished you knew more about economics? Do you want to introduce your kids or youth groups to economics and how it ties into human behavior? An eye-opening nonpartisan resource exists rightContinue Reading

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How to Find Your “Money Personality” Sorting out our personality types is useful in all kinds of situations. Perhaps one of the most useful is financial wellness. Could it be true that none of us really crave money, but we crave the emotional and psychological satisfaction that suits each ofContinue Reading


How Discovering Your “Why” Will Make You Rich The phrase “What’s your why?” has been around awhile. Though it’s tempting to dismiss it as a business-Bingo buzz phrase, it’s worth the time to think about why you do what you do—in any setting. If “obligation” is the first word thatContinue Reading