Wealth Building Strategies to Weather a Recession

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There’s a lot of speculation about the U.S. economy heading into a recession within the next 6-24 months, and while riding out bear markets is a part of investing in the stock market, you might not be so comfortable with it if you’re approaching retirement or already retired. Even if you have a few decades before you plan to access your 401(k), you might be wondering, “What’s the fastest way to build wealth while protecting my wealth from market downturns?”


When it comes to wealth building strategies, it’s important to customize your strategy to fit your financial goals and what stage of life you’re in. 


If you’re in the Growth stage, you’re likely young, have recently begun your career and are still acquiring assets to add to your portfolio. You may be paying down debt, like student loans or a mortgage, and working to build wealth you can access for large purchases, like starting a business or investing in real estate.


If you’re in the Income stage, you’re approaching or in retirement and looking for increased cash flow that maximizes assets and tax advantages. It’s important to have a cash flow source you won’t outlive, with a certainty that will withstand any economic environment.


If you’re in the Legacy stage, you’re retired and looking to transfer assets to your heirs while reducing estate taxes. It’s also important to make sure long-term care expenses are covered and that the generational wealth you leave for your family has lasting value.

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The fastest strategy for building wealth and the safest strategy for building wealth are rarely the same. Typically, “get rich quick” schemes come with a high amount of risk, while safe investments, like a CD or high-yield savings account, deliver miniscule returns. 

The Perpetual Wealth Strategy utilizes dividend-paying whole life insurance with a guaranteed rate of return and a paid-up additions rider to provide maximum returns with minimum risk. What’s more, it’s not subject to market volatility in a recession. We call this type of policy a Wealth Maximization Account™. It’s uniquely structured for maximum growth while protecting wealth.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of this proven wealth building strategy:


A Wealth Maximization Account earns a guaranteed rate of return, taking the guesswork out of budgeting earnings in your portfolio. It also pays non-guaranteed dividends.


A Wealth Maximization Account comes with tax advantages and increased asset protections that help you keep more of your wealth in your hands.


You can access wealth in a Wealth Maximization Account when you need it, regardless of age, without penalties — great for individuals who want to retire before age 59 ½. 


A Wealth Maximization Account can act as your financial foundation, and can’t be touched by market volatility, giving you peace of mind.


A Wealth Maximization Account covers you for life and can provide tax-free retirement income you don’t have to worry about outliving.


A Wealth Maximization Account provides a tax-free death benefit to pass on to your heirs and can be held in a trust to help reduce estate taxes and pass down generational wealth.


The fundamentals of the Perpetual Wealth Strategy aren’t new. This recession-proof strategy has been used for over 100 years by businesses, banks and wealthy families like the Rockefellers. And it can be tailored to work toward your unique financial goals, regardless of whether you’re in the Growth, Income, or Legacy stage.

To explore the basics of the Perpetual Wealth Strategy with a series of online videos, follow the link to our free virtual course teaching financial independence: Perpetual Wealth 101®

For more information on the Wealth Maximization Account itself and how it fits into your wealth building strategy, tap to explore our course: The Wealth Maximization Account — An Asset That Protects And Builds Family Wealth

To learn more about how a Wealth Maximization Account can be used as a volatility buffer in times of recession, helping to protect your earnings and provide increased cash flow in retirement, check out our free online course: The Volatility Buffer Toolkit

If you’re ready to take a closer look at what your personal wealth building strategy could look like, schedule your complimentary virtual consultation here with a Paradigm Life Wealth Strategist. We’ll discuss your financial needs and help you find the best course of action to help you grow and protect your wealth. Your goals are our goals, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Table of Contents

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