Perpetual Wealth 101®

A Free Virtual Course to Teach Financial Independence

Perpetual Wealth 101 consists of a series of free videos that teach you The Perpetual Wealth Strategy and guide you to a secure financial future. Whether you already have a Wealth Maximization Account™ or are simply looking for more information about what we do at Paradigm Life, this free eLearning course was created for you.

Explore These Free Classes

  • Intro to Perpetual Wealth 101
  • My Financial Foundation
  • The Purpose of Money and Why It Matters
  • What's the Goal: Income or Net Worth?
  • Cash Flow
  • Stock Market Money Myths
  • 401(k) Money Myths
  • The Truth About Compound Interest
  • Financing 101
  • Financing 202
  • The Wealth Maximization Account
  • Why Care About Saving?
  • The Two Financial Powers
  • Rate of Return Risk
  • Guaranteed Income
  • The 4 L's of Retirement
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