You’ve heard the old saying that “Cash is King.”  Those who have the cash, make the rules, it says.  Well, today, let’s use that idea to talk about the concept of “Cash FLOW as King!” Why Your Cash Flow is so Important  Cash flow dictates your financial reality and yourContinue Reading

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and advocate of the cash flow concept states, “The primary cause of financial struggle is simply not knowing the difference between an asset and a liability.” (Rich Dad, Poor Dad p. 61) Upon reading that, did your eyebrows raise? In a worldContinue Reading

What is the Cash Flow Wealth Summit? If you picture a meeting where the cash is flowing, you wouldn’t be too far off. While the ‘cash’ is not referencing tangible money being passed out; the wealth of financial knowledge and education that will be flowing is priceless. A fully virtualContinue Reading

Podcast for Your Life

Just as the internet can shorten the amount of time you spend researching a subject, podcasts can make understanding niche topics easy and convenient. Producing a podcast as part of your business’ marketing model is another social media-esque tactic to increase your outreach – and it works! It’s time toContinue Reading

Why Your Social Presence Matters

How many times have you thought of a product, a business, or an idea to then discover that someone else beat you to it? Entrepreneurs today have a much higher advantage at getting their project off the ground than they did 10 years ago, thanks to the many social mediaContinue Reading

  Imagine Real Estate syndication with passionate individuals looking to get involved. It’s called crowdfunding, and it’s a modern strategy for both seasoned and rookie investor looking to build and enhance their investment portfolio. Crowdfunding, in the last five years, has gone from arbitrary to a legitimate business model. It’sContinue Reading

Reshape Your Retirement

Paying little to no taxes is what drives the majority of people when choosing which retirement accounts to invest in. To ensure they’re reaping the best benefits possible, a lot of individuals put their money into both qualified plans, like the 401(k), and an IRA. Regardless of how vigilant youContinue Reading