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How to Boost Your Financial IQ for FREE! Does your New Year’s resolution include lifelong learning? Have you ever wished you knew more about economics? Do you want to introduce your kids or youth groups to economics and how it ties into human behavior? An eye-opening nonpartisan resource exists rightContinue Reading

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How to Find Your “Money Personality” Sorting out our personality types is useful in all kinds of situations. Perhaps one of the most useful is financial wellness. Could it be true that none of us really crave money, but we crave the emotional and psychological satisfaction that suits each ofContinue Reading


How Discovering Your “Why” Will Make You Rich The phrase “What’s your why?” has been around awhile. Though it’s tempting to dismiss it as a business-Bingo buzz phrase, it’s worth the time to think about why you do what you do—in any setting. If “obligation” is the first word thatContinue Reading

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5 Quick Ways to Rebuild Your Busted Budget You’ve unwrapped the presents and eaten the holiday dinner—a good time was had by . . . most. It’s time to sit back and enjoy. We want to make the after-effects of the holiday season even easier for you by offering adviceContinue Reading

Will Paying Capital Gains Tax Be Your Loss? You may think the topic of capital gains tax is a snooze-fest until you are ready to sell an asset. When you sell what the IRS deems a capital asset; which is just about anything, you’ll pay capital gains taxes—and the percentageContinue Reading

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Who Has More Economic Impact, Trump or the FED? Question—who makes more of an economic impact on the U.S.; the president or the Federal Reserve? A president’s assertions and intentions are definitely powerful but, if you’re really keeping your eye on the economy shell game, the place to focus isContinue Reading

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7 Sneaky Ways Decluttering Saves You Money Have you ever connected the clutter in your house to the clutter in your mind? Have you connected the clutter in your house and mind with financial clutter?  Any kind of clutter causes both mental and physical drain, and once you lose yourContinue Reading