Why Whole Life Insurance Should Be Your Goal

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financial goals“In life you need either inspiration or desperation.” – Tony Robbins

If the truth of this quote from Tony Robbins doesn’t take you back, it should at least cause you to pause, breathe, and consider – maybe help slow down your mind’s energy a bit?  During the first month of the year most of us recommit to old goals or start fresh with new ones. But what motivates the goals to begin with? Like Tony Robbins suggests, is it inspiration or desperation that drives the point?

For most people, money is a huge part of their goal setting. Whether it is better saving, getting out of debt, or making more money. Whatever the financial goal is about, there is energy behind it, and energy good or bad has an effect.

The Energy You Put Into Money

Robert Kiyosaki, in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad talks a lot about the energy people put into money. He illustrates that most of the time the energy created in and around money is negative – this is in part due to the ‘rat race’.

The ‘rat race’ is Kiyosaki’s way of describing how financial education comes mostly from parents who were likely not educated on correct money principles, yet teach children that financial security comes from working to afford a lifestyle. You work a secure job for a paycheck, earn enough to afford a home and nice vacations, but realize you need more money to support a lifestyle, so you work more to earn more. The cycle continues, and that cycle is the ‘rat race’.

Kiyosaki sates, “Financial Literacy Rule One: You must know the difference between an asset and a liability, and buy assets. If you want to be rich, that’s all you need to know.” 

If making more money, or bettering your financial situation is your goal this year, as Rich Dad recommends, buy assets. Whole Life Insurance is an asset that can help you invest in other performing assets that will help you achieve stability and wealth.

Whole Life Insurance IS an “AND” Asset

There is a reason why large banks and corporations hold millions of dollars in a permanent life insurance policy. A whole life insurance policy not only gives the policyowner the opportunity to offset possible financial blunders, it also affords the chance to take advantage of other investment opportunities that grow wealth, like Real Estate.

Properly structured Whole Life Policy Insurance has many positive inherent benefits, including a steady rate of return, market protection, liquidity, and tax benefits.

When you own a policy it builds cash value. The cash value is what separates permanent insurance from other financial products. This cash value provides the liquidity you need to invest in other performing assets. By utilizing the cash value as a financing option, instead of conventional banks, you give yourself control and are able to generate wealth – making Whole Life Insurance an “and” asset.

What Is an “OR” Asset?

Though real estate can be an excellent investment, partaking in property transactions can at times, result in financial loss. For instance, if you have $35,000 to invest that you give entirely to a real estate property, and the investment goes bad, you’re now at a $35k deficit – at that point making Real Estate an “or” investment.

To better protect your money, it would be smart to first open a life insurance policy, then second, borrow against your policy to then purchase the real estate.

Your life insurance agent can help structure your policy the right way considering your real estate investing goals. But with life insurance, your $35k is protected inside your policy, while you’re still able to purchase an investment property.

Life Insurance offers any individual with the right qualities to build wealth. You can reinvest with your cash value, but also protect your money at the same time. In addition to these features, you are awarded a death benefit. This is why Whole Life Insurance should be your financial goal.


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Table of Contents

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