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There’s an increasing segment of society that is wealthy; and doesn’t want to look the part. Whether they’re avoiding shallow people, protecting their privacy, or just want to blend in with the masses, these people use stealth techniques to dumb-down how much they’re really worth. Are you one of them?

It’s not such a crazy idea. You don’t want to lose sight of the fact that the journey is the most rewarding part, you want to stay the same regular person you were with your friends and family, and you want to be an example of humility to those around you. You’ve reached your financial goals and wonder what’s next to help you live and socialize in your circles—or maybe you’re just frugal and that’s okay. Here are some techniques you can use to keep your real worth on the down-low:

  1. Be deliberate in your choice of car. What you drive often says a lot about you. If you’re trying to stay under the radar, buying a practical reasonably priced car is a good move. Is this obvious? We think this is obvious.
  2. Keep your address private. This is a tough one. It’s hard not to share where you live when someone asks you point-blank. However, the stealth-wealth thing to do is offer a general area—at the very most offer cross streets. What you paid for your house or how much equity you have in it should remain your business regardless of where you live.
  3. Learn the median average household income in your area. The median household income in the U.S. is $52,000. If you earning more than double your state’s median household income and you may want to remain stealth, you’ll need to be sensitive in your social circles.
  4. Don’t reveal your income. Without question (unless you’re a government employee), your income is your business to give on an as-needed basis. If you are to be an invisible tycoon, you need to be very aware of how you talk about vacations, private schooling, or large purchases.
  5. Socialize in different circles. When you adjust your social outlook, wonderful people and personalities become a part of your life. You’ll learn that regardless of income, people are generally good and want to contribute to society. You may also learn the role that luck and privilege have had in your income (as well as all that hard work), and you’ll gain empathy for people who struggle economically.
  6. Praise the efforts of other people. Instead of tooting your own horn, be encouraging and positive of other people’s milestones. Avoid name dropping unless you’re offering positive attention to someone else’s accomplishments. Be self-aware and don’t ever “one-up” someone else despite any successes you have.
  7. Volunteer for causes you support. Offering your money to a charity is a great idea, and you can also contribute in other ways. Get involved where the rubber meets the road, whether that’s volunteering within the organization, fundraising, or publicity.

The truth is; becoming wealthy in America has never been easier. But keeping that wealth depends on your financial strategy. Building your wealth and leaving a legacy to your family means more than just accumulating compound interest. It’s planning your next move, not dwelling in the past, protecting your family, and teaching your children to do the same.

It means practicing financial discipline. Let us share a financial strategy that can offer all of these. It’s called the Perpetual Wealth Strategy, and it allows you to grow your wealth, access cash value, and leave a legacy for your family all at the same time. The keystone to this strategy is found in a well-planned whole life insurance policy with a paid-up cash addition. It’s the best way we know to diversify, grow, access, and protect what you have.

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Q: What are some secrets to keeping wealth discreet and protected?

A: Secrets to keeping wealth discreet and protected include utilizing legal structures, diversifying assets, and maintaining financial privacy.

Q: How can legal structures help in safeguarding wealth?

A: Legal structures such as trusts and LLCs can provide asset protection, reduce exposure to creditors, and ensure a level of anonymity for wealthy individuals.

Q: Why is diversifying assets considered a key strategy for wealth protection?

A: Diversifying assets across different investment classes and geographical regions can mitigate risks, safeguard wealth from market fluctuations, and enhance long-term financial security.

Table of Contents

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