The Cash Flow Wealth Summit

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#cfwsummitWhat is the Cash Flow Wealth Summit? If you picture a meeting where the cash is flowing, you wouldn’t be too far off. While the ‘cash’ is not referencing tangible money being passed out; the wealth of financial knowledge and education that will be flowing is priceless.

A fully virtual meeting with over 30 speakers scheduled to provide hours of expert knowledge regarding all things of the financial industry. And whether you are well-versed in the world of finance, or you can barely balance your checkbook, the range of information that is being provided includes something for everyone.

And the best part, the entire summit is being offered to registrants for free.

Bestselling Authors, Social Entrepreneurs and Top CEO’s Oh My!

For those who are familiar with top experts in the financial field, the excitement level for you may already be palatable. Getting to hear top financial advice from admired financial gurus all in one event is momentous.

However, if you have never heard of such bestselling authors like Kim Kiyosaki,, social entrepreneurs Josh Lannon and Lisa Lannon, or innovators like creator of Fundrise and Crowdfunding master Ben Miller; here is a snapshot of why so many in the financial industry are already calling The Cash Flow Wealth Summit the financial event of the year.

Kim Kiyosaki – most known for her New York Times bestselling book, Rich Woman akin to her husband’s bestselling book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad; Kim has become the “mascot” of inspiration for women and their finances. Her message fuels the momentum of women being in charge of their own financial health and future.

Plugging, “A man is not a financial plan” Kim encourages women to be their own source of monetary stability; whilst providing tangible tools to foster fiscal responsibility.

Josh and Lisa Lannon – Referred to as Social Entrepreneurs, they are partners in business and life, their passion is to teach others how to turn what they do into a thriving career.

From their addiction healing centers through their company Warrior Heart, to their bestselling book, The Social Capitalist, Josh and Lisa embody passionate community outreach good financial principles.

Ben Miller – A truly modern example of innovation. Ben has taken what, in hindsight, seems like the most simplest of ideas and has made millions. His crowdfunding company Fundrise allows many businesses and social to use real estate syndication in an entirely unique way.

Never heard of crowdfuning? It’s the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people. Ben took this concept to an even larger level via the internet and all social media routes; to assist real estate hopefuls and moguls alike.

How The Cash Flow Wealth Summit Benefits You

Finances tend to be a touchy subject for many, from the everyday 9 to 5’er, to the single mom, to businesses trying to make ends meet. The professional advice of a financial and or wealth strategist would be most likely welcomed by most, however not always affordable.

If you could access top expert tips and tangible tools regarding nearly everything financial, without leaving the comfort of your home, and all for free? Kind of sounds too good to be true, right?

But The Cash Wealth Summit, is just that, so good and so thankfully true.

Don’t miss out on the financial event of the year. Register today and for free, begin the next part of your financial aspirations, your financial life and your financial future where you have the tools to foster your own wealth increase, and watch your personal ‘cash flow’.


Table of Contents

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