video : Donald Trump Jr Discusses Financial eLearning Program

Donald Trump Jr Discusses Financial eLearning Program

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Donald Trump Jr Discusses Financial eLearning Program


why?Financial education is the key to building wealth and financial independence. E-learning is the best way to get quality information to those wanting better solutions.
how?First, watch the interview with Donald Trump Jr and Patrick Donohoe and then register for this acclaimed eLearning program by clicking sign up, above.
what?Donald Trump Jr. interviews Paradigm Life CEO Patrick Donohoe about a free financial education program that has reignited hope among American's of a secure financial foundation outside of Wall Street.


Donald Trump, Jr. interviews President and CEO of Paradigm Life, Patrick Donohoe, about an eLearning program that was designed to show individuals how to build wealth outside of Wall Street. Wall Street has controlled the multi-trillion dollar retirement industry for 40 years and the marketing for financial strategies such as 401ks, IRAs, Mutual Funds and other market-based investments has left little room for other strategies to compete. There is a financial strategy that has been around for over 150 years that hardly anyone knows about. Now, you can learn today, for free.

Wall Street Retirement Planning

Traditional Retirement and Financial Planning has failed to live up to its hype and promises. According to a recent Gallop Poll Americans are more worried now than ever about their finances. In another article it states that Americans are more afraid of going broke than dying. Stock market volatility, credit card debt and student loan debt being at all time highs is one of the main causes; another cause is low wages. Would it surprise you that wages haven't changed since the 1970's? An article in the Wall Street Journal tells us that American wages and the standard of living of the middle class has been stagnant since the 1970's.

Wall Street has failed!

Wall Street and the banking industry is not the solution even though 95% of Americans manage their money with them.

Wealth Building outside of Wall Street

Your personal money management does not have to weather the chaos. Say goodbye to the anxiety and increasing doubt for good.

Learn a revolutionary way to shift your assets and financial management to a 150 year old industry that not only provides a private and tax efficient way to grow your wealth but also provides solutions for credit and financing without having to rely on banks. The best part is that this solution is available to anyone. Your can learn about it today with no obligation or cost.

Imagine what it will feel like to be back in the Driver's seat again. Imagine never having to receive a 401k statement showing a loss again. Imagine never having to fear the burdensome debt payments. Join the millions who have retired their relationship with Wall Street and ignited their wealth building using this proven strategy.

The financially literate have had an upper hand for decades and by completing the eLearning course Infinite 101 you can gain a priceless financial education and enter the path to financial independence.