Webinar: Whole Life Insurance – A Private, Protected Asset Class

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The concept and use of insurance has been around for thousands of years. Life Insurance, and Permanent Insurance, as we know it today, has been in use for over a hundred years. One benefit to owning Whole Life Insurance is that it naturally comes with built in protection.Whole Life Insurance is a type of investment asset that provides a safeguard for your money as you reinvest your cash value into other performing assets. If the stock market is where you like to earn a passive income, you can invest with your cash value, preventing the stress that comes with market downturns and volatility.In addition to enhancing your investment strategy by protecting yourself with Whole Life Insurance, this cash value asset can also be protected from creditors. Though exemption laws vary from state to state, typically cash value insurance is one of the few assets protected from divorces, lawsuits, or even bankruptcy.

This video outlines the tax exemptions that you receive with whole life insurance and digs into the differences between different states. You will understand the specifics of what whole life insurance can get you and how it can protect you. We walk you through the limitations of whole life insurance and which states have more limitations than others. We can help you make the most of whole life insurance no matter where you live. Watch this video as we walk you through how to make Whole Life Insurance work for you!

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