Planning For A Successful Retirement


Despite the global fixation on the baby boomers, most of their financial plans are rife with flaws. The average boomer will live to be eighty-three, and many will spend more than thirty years in retirement. Add to this the rapidly skyrocketing cost of healthcare, and you’ll see why the majority of boomers do not feel they have saved enough money to be adequately planning for retirement. That’s where we come in.

The right kind of retirement, successful retirement, happens when you look at the process like a journey – a trek up and down a mountain. Quite simply, if you were about to embark upon a mountain journey you would first, make your plan; second, you’d prepare; and third, you’d begin your ascent.

You have successfully hiked up the mountain, but what about your descent? Now, if you were really hiking up a mountain, and someone asked you how were going to get back down, you’d most likely say, “I’m taking the same trail down the mountain that I took to get up the mountain.”

Retirement is different. The same methods you used during your accumulation (or hike up the mountain) is different from how you’ll live during retirement (or descent from the mountain). Actually, most people planning for retirement don’t even realize that they need to consider the other half of their journey – what their hard earned money during their accumulation years looks like now that they’re living on it.

Paradigm Life created the Perpetual Wealth Concept to encompass a very different idea of the future than what many of our clients were accustomed to. The Perpetual Wealth Concept enables us to solve each client’s unique problems using proven and guaranteed methods. Instead of a retirement encumbered by fears, concerns, and unexpected problems, we give our clients access to Perpetual Wealth-wealth that not only carries them comfortably through their latter years, but well into the next generation. Why not let Paradigm Life take a burden off your shoulders? We look forward to speaking with you about the financial matters that matter to you most.

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