Webinar: How To Safely Fund Your Kid’s College

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If you’re saving for the large expense of your kid’s college funding, it’s probably taking a significant portion of your disposable income. Or maybe you’ve earmarked some liquid assets to provide the capital needed to cover tuition.

The use of student loans can leave a debt burden that has to be repaid with a future income. In this webinar, Nate Butler educates on how the use of a family banking system can work for college funding, without a heavy debt risk. Nate shows you the math that you can use to be confident that your college funding system will work.

Tuition will continue to grow, with inflation, simply saving money is not the most beneficial college funding strategy. We will show you other college funding options that will use your money more efficiently. Don’t miss out on cash you could have now.

Using generational wealth you are able to help your whole family with future expenses including funding college. Learn more in this webinar.

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