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I was in Nashville TN over the weekend with a client and good friend of mine Trever Keele attending the book launch of “How Privatized Banking Really Works” By L Carlos Lara and Dr Robert Murphy. Please see podcast page or play the podcast from this link.

The book exposes, in very clear language, how the Federal Reserve and our current U.S monetary policy is very misunderstood by the American public but its policies and subsequent decisions affect EVERY citizen. Right now its exposure is coming to the forefront based primarily on the internet (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc) which have a lot less censoring than the tradional media sources which are often skewed one way or the other. HPBRW explains that the Infinite Banking Concept is an ideal solution.

Among the speakers at the weekend conference were Dr Thomas Woods who is a New York Times Best Seller as well as Dr Paul Cleveland who are both speakers and authors for the Ludqig Von Mises Institute. The book is meant to provide a wake up call to not just the unlawfullness of the US monetary system but also to the fact that the traditional (over the past 30 years) retirement planning is defunct.

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Table of Contents

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