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Cheat Your Bank

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Unless you’ve never taken out a loan, you’ve already padded the pockets of banks and bankers. And if you’re moderately successful you will continue to hand over thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of your life.

If you continue to be financially “above average” and don’t figure out how to cheat banks out of that interest, you are losing out on millions. How? If you take the thousands you are paying in interest and invest it in other money-making activities, over time that money would easily grow into millions!

Living without your bank and still having access to borrowed money might seem impossible, but YOU CAN! We want to teach you a new way of thinking and managing your money, to put more at your fingertips and make it work for you in ways you haven’t thought possible until now. Are you in?

Money doesn’t usually magically appear. You work hard for it, and you’re going to put it somewhere besides your sock drawer for safekeeping. We’re suggesting instead of traditional investing, you put it where you can get a return and use it at the same time. This requires looking at your personal financial system in a new way. You’ve probably upgraded your phone, your computer, and your car. It’s time to upgrade your outlook on your cash management system.

The radically simple idea of being your own bank is that you recapture interest that you would have paid to a bank for items you will buy anyway. It was Nelson Nash who modernized the Infinite Banking Concept©—a cash management strategy that can change your life. And he literally hasn’t used a bank in decades. He said this, “The Infinite Banking Concept is not a bank; it is a thought process that represents a major paradigm shift.”

Infinite banking, used in the Perpetual Wealth Strategy, is not a get-rich quick tactic. It’s a proven, disciplined, steadfast way to make more money because you pay less interest, recover fees and charges, an do it all tax-free. How do you do this? The idea is straightforward, and we’re not shy about telling you that you use LIFE INSURANCE as the financial vehicle that will carry you to freedom. Not just any life insurance though, you’ll use dividend-paying whole life insurance with a cash addition. With a little thought, careful planning, and self-discipline, it’s seriously as easy as this:

  1. Open a whole life insurance policy with a cash addition
  2. Sock away cash
  3. Watch your money grow safely and steadily
  4. Find something to purchase or invest in
  5. Use the policy loan provision to borrow money from yourself
  6. Pay yourself back
  7. Borrow money from yourself again
  8. Pay yourself back. . .again
  9. Pass the money and strategy down to your family

A radical change in the way you bank starts by understanding this concept, “Your need for financing throughout your life is as great as or greater than your need for a death benefit.” Why not have both? This mindset is a drastic departure from the predominant stock market mentality of, “Give money to me and maybe I can grow it—but you can’t touch it until you retire.” Why is the 401(k) strategy still so popular even when the market is so volatile? Because the people currently taking your money would like to continue taking your money.

We’re part of a radical financial change movement where you take back the use of your money. The more people understand and participate in this type of cash management system, the better. There isn’t a limited amount of abundance here. Let’s shift the paradigm to the point where we use the stock market and banks on our own terms, not as a gambling hall for our retirement security.

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Cheat Your Bank our of Interest using the Perpetual Wealth Startegy

Table of Contents

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