Finding the Perfect Investment

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Finding the Perfect Investment
Finding the Perfect Investment

As Wealth Strategists from Paradigm Life, people turn to us in hopes of finding the perfect investment. Our response to those needing guidance?

You came to the right place.   

Building a client’s wealth journey is a unique process; and no two road maps are alike. The first point of discussion is always – What are your goals? The second point of discussion is – What are your needs now and what will your needs be in the future? The response of the client determines where the journey begins and where the journey will end.

If we lived in a perfect society, it would be easy for Paradigm Life to guarantee the perfect investment. However, since our economic existence is far from Utopia, we can only guarantee what we call an asset – Whole Life Insurance.

The Perfect “Investment”

Technically, Whole Life Insurance cannot be considered an investment because it is not bought or sold as a stock market security or Real Estate. Though Whole Life Insurance is an asset; a side-by-side comparison to an investment, or “the perfect investment” will reveal how incredibly valuable Whole Life Insurance really is – not as an investment, but as an asset.

Here’s a look into what a perfect investment might look like:

  1. GIVES A HIGH RATE OF RETURN – A yield high enough to outperform inflation and taxes, and still give you a decent return.
  2. NO INCOME TAXES EVER – There would never be any income taxes due on the investment growth. You get to keep all it earns.
  3. EASY AND SIMPLE – Something that anyone could manage without any special knowledge.
  4. NO RISK – There would be no chance that any part of the investment could ever be lost.
  5. ALWAYS AVAILABLE – You could redeem the investment – and receive the cash – anytime without penalty.

Does an investment with all of these attributes exist? Unfortunately no, but the good news is that Whole Life Insurance is the closest financial product to this “perfect investment.”

Here’s how Whole Life Insurance Looks:

  1. GIVES A STEADY RATE OF RETURN – The yield in any investment can fluctuate, but with Whole Life you *typically receive the same yearly return
  2. TAX-BENEFITS – With policy loans, you can access liquidity with tax-advantages (if not tax-free)
  3. EASY and SIMPLE – You do not have to constantly be monitoring your Whole Life Insurance like you would a stock market account, because Whole Life is not dependent on stock market performance
  4. SAFETY – It would be naïve to say that there is no risk, however Whole Life Insurance is a safe asset because it’s consistent, steady, and not dependent on stock market performance
  5. ALWAYS AVAILABLE – Whole Life Insurance comes with liquidity for policy owners at any time, for any place, and for any reason. No one dictates the mandates and pay-back schedule of any loan amount borrowed.


Whole Life Insurance is a foundational asset that provides people with the financial security and growth they’re looking for. Instead of relinquishing control to a banker, or your own investing ignorance, first create a financial cushion for yourself with Whole Life.

For more information on how Whole Life Insurance is designed to give you lasting wealth, contact a Paradigm Life Wealth Strategist.

*Returns on financial products are never guaranteed, but Life Insurance Companies for over a hundred years have paid dividends – even during The Great Depression.

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Q: Why is it important to focus on finding the ideal investment opportunities?

A: Emphasizing the search for the perfect investment is crucial because it allows individuals to select opportunities that align with their financial goals and risk tolerance, ultimately maximizing returns and achieving financial success.

Q: What are some key factors and considerations individuals should keep in mind when seeking the perfect investment?

A: Key factors include evaluating risk tolerance, diversifying investments, conducting thorough research, setting clear investment objectives, and seeking professional guidance to make informed investment decisions.

Q: How can individuals benefit from understanding the process of finding the perfect investment?

A: Understanding this process empowers individuals to make strategic investment choices, optimize their portfolios, and work towards achieving their financial objectives with greater confidence and success.


Table of Contents

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