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Most Americans are too scared about running out of money to be able to enjoy their retirement. They fear that they haven’t saved enough, or that inflationary forces will eat away at the value of their money, or that they will live longer than they’ve budgeted for. Wouldn’t it be great if you could live your golden years in style? The good news is that you can, and it starts with doubling the value of your money using a little-known investment strategy. Let’s explore that strategy in more depth:

Paradigm Life’s Proven Income Strategy

  • It all starts with whole life insurance: When you invest in a whole life insurance policy, you are not just investing in a death benefit, but also a way to borrow against your own policy – interest-free and at repayment terms you set – to fund other investments or even your retirement.
  • You become your own bank: Traditional banks make loans to us to fund our lifestyle, and then charge interest on those loans. When you borrow against your own investment (i.e., your whole life insurance policy), you become your own bank, setting all of the repayment terms. In fact, you don’t ever have to repay what you borrow; it’s up to you.
  • You are doubling your money: If you want to access the entire cash value of your whole life insurance policy, you can, and that means you are essentially doubling your money in an instant, without taking big risks (whole life insurance is one of the oldest, most stable investments available) and without sacrificing any liquidity (your cash value makes whole life insurance an incredibly liquid option).
  • A steady cash flow is the way to live in style: As the cash value of your whole life insurance policy grows, you can keep borrowing against it to fund your lifestyle, especially when you retire and start living on a fixed income. This steady flow of cash that your whole life insurance policy gives you is the secret to living your golden years in style.

There’s no reason to live in retiree financial hell for the final years of your life. With a whole life insurance policy, you can borrow against your cash value to essentially double your money in an instant. You become your own bank and set all of your own repayment terms, and you create a steady cash flow that allows you to live in style.

Successful Retirement Starts Here:

Planning for a Successful Retirement

Table of Contents

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