Retiring Soon? What You Need To Know


Are you planning to retire soon? All financial planners and brokers will tell you the same retiring strategies and plans. They are taught what to say and all take the same approach. They give you a very limited view, when there are a number of strategies and plans you can make. This podcast takes a new strategy to retirement planning that breaks the mold.

Patrick Donohoe discusses what you can do to combat the volatility of the market and how to avoid emotional investing. Learn why “savings” doesn’t always mean savings. There are financial tools and vehicles that will outperform what most people have but your need for certainty is going to have to outweigh your need for uncertainty. To wrap up, Patrick taps into the human pursuit of personal growth, uncertainty, significance, and contribution.

People want certainty to feel secure with their job and finances. However, this certainty can hold you back and stop you from investing in the variety of options that are in the market. That being said, certainty is not bad. Uncertainty does not have to mean risky, it should mean variety. Patrick helps you find the balance of certainty and making smart investment decisions with variety. Once you know what is driving you, you are able to plan for retirement smartly.

Listen to this podcast to learn strategies and tactics you can use to add variety, significance, and contribution to your retirement planning to help you get the most in your retirement. Your retirement can mean more than just money, find out how today.

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