Everyone is looking for that “magic formula” or ‘sure-fire solution’ to help them achieve great wealth and prosperity. We all want a handbook for success, but in my opinion, the handbook is YOU. Before any financial decision is made – before any money is saved or spent, or invested. EveryContinue Reading

Report after report indicates that people in the United States still live paycheck to paycheck. Just google ‘statistics on paycheck to paycheck’ and you’ll find that there is no shortage of information on the topic. From the poor (average median income $21,000) to the middle class (average median income $41,000),Continue Reading

Not all financial products carry as many perks as whole life policy insurance. When you own a whole life policy some of the benefits that you receive are: steady rate of return tax benefits legacy planning liquidity Whole Life Insurance is a customized strategy that can help you gain strongContinue Reading

“This is the worst recession since The Great Depression!” How many times have you heard that over the past 6 years? By definition, a recession is an “economic downturn of activity,” measured by six consecutive months (two quarters) of decline in the country’s GDP, or gross national product (see recentContinue Reading

Host, Brad Gibb is joined by Paradigm Life Agent, Justin Martin in this episode of The Wealth Standard Radio. Brad and Justin discuss the misconceptions of Big Bankers, and how systemitizing your finances can help you evolve into financial independence. Check out The Wealth Standard to learn more about how youContinue Reading

Holiday Budget

In 2012, holiday retail sales, in the U.S., rose to about $600 billion. According to TransUnion (a leading credit monitoring company), consumers paid for more than $246 billion of those purchases on their bank credit cards, and many exceeded their holiday budget. As of November, 2014, American consumers owed aContinue Reading