Before I became an agent at Paradigm Life, I worked for many years as a stock broker. When the economy was on a down swing I would advise my clients to, “invest for the long-run.” During bear market periods I wanted clients to see farther than the moment at hand,Continue Reading

In this episode of The Wealth Standard Radio, Host Ryan Lee is joined by Paradigm Life Agent, Bill Fagergren to discuss how a human life is the asset of life insurance. Insurance companies have a standard of expectations for their policy holders. How do you determine the value of a human life?Continue Reading

Stop using your credit cards and start borrowing your own money instead. One of the major benefits of having a whole life insurance policy is liquidity. It’s having access to your money when you need it. The average American household is carrying about $15,500 in credit card debt. And 33%Continue Reading

Today, retirement is the new American Dream of travel, retirement communities overlooking the 9th hole, health clubs, new activities, spoiling the grandchildren and the family pet. All it takes is money. Lots of it. Having Enough Money in Retirement Requires a Step-by-Step Plan But first, let’s start with a fewContinue Reading

When considering the purchase of a Whole Life Insurance Policy, the primary benefits usually jump right out. For instance, yesterday we focused on the benefits of the cash-value. Today we’re going to look at Whole Life’s quiet virtue-the ‘PUA’ rider. The PUA has many great qualities, often overlooked by thoseContinue Reading

One of the most often asked consumer questions about Whole Life insurance is, “What is the biggest benefit to owning a Whole Life Policy?” It’s hard to rest on just one big advantage, since Whole Life comes with many positive facets, but sit back, relax, and breathe. Here’s one good answer.Continue Reading

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein Join host, Brad Gibb and agent, Justin Atkinson as they discuss how to combine every aspect of your life to make wealth complete. It’s not just about working for money, it’s about creating andContinue Reading

Betty Grable’s legs were insured for $1Million, each! Bruce Springsteen’s voice is insured for $6 Million. And there is more than $10 Million worth of “Alien Abduction” insurance, written around the country. The primary purpose of life insurance for most people is to care for their beneficiaries and allow themContinue Reading