Is Your Retirement Plan Hanging Out To Dry?


Did you know that there is an IRS Approved Retirement Savings Plan that you to access and bequeath your savings tax free?

Learning about this plan could rekindle your hope and plan for a safe, secure, and successful retirement.

As the average 401k balance has been cut in half, Americans are questioning the security of traditional financial planning in the market through stocks and mutual funds.

We saw what happened to qualified plans with The Great Recession. In 2008 alone, retirement savers saw their hard-earned account balances nearly be cut in half because of stock market fluctuations.

For years, financial advisors have promoted traditional forms of tax shelters, but the problem is that the touted “tax shelters” might not shelter as much for your retirement planning as you originally thought.

If you are between the ages of 20 and 40, by the time you reach the age of 60, Social Security benefits for all retirees could be cut by at least 26% and will continue to be reduced in the subsequent years (Social Security Trustee 2006 OASDI Report). In fact, for the first time since 1925, the income of men in their 30’s (adjusted for inflation) is less than their fathers. Family income hasn’t fared much better. From 1820 to 1972, family income increased 52% per generation (about 35 years). However, income from 1973 to 2009 increased only 17% per generation. What this means is that the rise in income has not even kept up with inflation.

This article shows you staggering statistics on what happened to many retirees retirement wealth, and how the first step to identifying a disappointing retirement is to realize the dangers that lie ahead.

There is a better way to successfully plan for your retirement, and it doesn’t have to involve 401k plans or Roth savings plans.

Now you too can make the necessary steps to implement a plan which will solve the woes of traditional retirement planning. Paradigm Life Insurance Agency is committed to teaching you the proper information so you fully understand how this private retirement plan works.

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