The Perpetual Wealth Strategy For Business


Discover the Perpetual Wealth Strategy, an alternate financial solution for your business that will provide guaranteed financing at any time for anything. This financing can be used for business purchases such as equipment technology and marketing without having to rely on a bank loan. This system is scalable and gives you flexibility, liquidity and security.

For decades, America has relied on Wall Street. We’ve been conditioned to do it! Would you be surprised to know that it hasn’t always been this way? Fortunately for all of us, there is an alternative to the 401(k) and I’m guessing you’ll be shocked to learn that it’s been around for over 150 years and it’s still going strong today! Over the decades, it’s gone by a few different names; we call it The Perpetual Wealth Strategy.

For a business owner, the Perpetual Wealth Strategy combines a uniquely designed participating insurance policy as the primary funding vehicle for retirement. The ownership of the plan can be the business, as a key person structure, or the individual owner, or both! The policy is structured through a mutual insurance company, which guarantees financing against the accumulated balance at anytime for anything. This financing can be used for business purchases such as equipment, technology, and marketing without having to rely on banks.

There are over 12 different ways to customize the Perpetual Wealth Strategy and become the ideal incentive plan for business owners, executives, and employees. Read the article to learn about the steps you’ll need to take to turn your business retirement plan around!

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A Wealth Maximization Account is the backbone of The Perpetual Wealth Strategy™