Banking On Long Term Success


It is important to be financially protected and financially well rounded; banks and corporations realize this too. In “Banking on Long Term Success” you will come to understand how large and strong business entities utilize permanent life insurance to maintain their fiscal power.

Permanent life insurance is one of the most misunderstood financial products and has sparked the attention of the pop culture financial media on both positive and negative sides, but the fact remains that corporations and banks value this asset enough that they hold tens of billions of dollars of it.

This article will show you some of the benefits of permanent life insurance:

  • One of the least known attributes of permanent life insurance is the ability to earn a rate of return on the cash value you have accumulated. Participating permanent life insurance is a specialized product and offers a guaranteed cash value.
  • Permanent life insurance offers safety for your money that trumps even the safety of a law firm’s trust account.
  • Permanent life insurance is a product that provides consistent and guaranteed growth.
  • It is said that “nothing is certain but death and taxes”, however, with regards to permanent life insurance that isn’t exactly true. The rate of return that you receive from the cash value and any subsequent dividend payments is accumulated on a tax-deferred basis, and if done correctly can be tax free!

When you own permanent life insurance you are making your money work for you in more than one place, and at more than one time. It’s your money multiplied, and we call it infinite banking. This strategy is exactly how companies stay wealthy for decades. Infinite Banking and Permanent Life Insurance can give you the opportunity to bank on long term success.

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