An Asset That Protects And Builds Family Wealth


In this episode of The Wealth Standard Radio, Host Ryan Lee is joined by Wealth Strategist, Bill Fagergren to discuss the principle of Human Life Value.

How is a human life value in the eyes of an insurance company?

The Wealth Maximization Account is a uniquely designed insurance policy that builds wealth. Although it is a life insurance policy and aids in passing wealth to the next generation, it also builds wealth you can use now and in retirement. Additional benefits include tax savings, market protection, and income security during retirement.

Can life insurance really build wealth for you now? Short answer: yes. Whole life insurance can help you and your family now to maximize your wealth. Whole life insurance is not just a precaution, but also an investment. Paradigm life is all about a shift in how you look at life insurance and finances. This podcast will help you change your way of thinking about your financial future. Any financial route that isn’t “traditional” may sound too good to be true. However, you will hear the experiences of normal families and how they use whole life insurance to take control of their finances.

Paradigm Life will help you create a whole life insurance wealth strategy that will work for you. Listen to this podcast to learn more.

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A Wealth Maximization Account is the backbone of The Perpetual Wealth Strategy™