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butcherMany entrepreneurs seem to always be looking outward to find that “hidden” key to success. If you are anything like me, you’re constantly embracing new ideas for improvement. It’s a never ending quest for that “edge” which will accelerate your profits.

It’s also hard to give up extra income to purchase new business equipment, managing software, or even attend expensive training seminars; but you do it anyways. Like all business owners realize, any bit of money going out is just as precious as any bit of money coming in-regardless of how sure you think it will grow your bottom line.

As a business owner, I have come to discover that the biggest secret to my success has never been to look outward for resources, but inward. What I mean by looking inward is using my own personal financing for success. How? Through infinite banking.

Here is the Secret…

There is a financial asset that keeps increasing in value through every stock market crash, real estate bubble, and recession known throughout history. This financial asset also coordinates with nearly every business imaginable. It is permanent cash value life insurance, which utilizes the Infinite Banking Concept.

Think of it Like This

  • For the dentist or doctor that is leasing equipment, there can be a high interest rate associated with the lease. Instead of repaying the interest of the loan to a bank or leasing company, with Infinite Banking, you pay that interest back to yourself. You are now earning money in more than one way.
  • For the real estate investor cash is king. And Infinite Banking can increase the value of the real estate assets dramatically by using the cash value of your policy to reinvest and further property growth.
  • For the entrepreneur or business professional, taking risks with investments could be devastating to the business. However, by utilizing the Infinite Banking concept to take those risks, there is safety, liquidity, and possible tax-free use of money, which can bring more peace of mind and certainty.

I work with hundreds of business owners and professionals around the country who are utilizing Infinite Banking to become their own source of financing. Whether it be for business vehicles, equipment, new office space, trainings, or more employees, cash value life insurance will always give you access to money for business growth.

To learn more about infinite banking and your business, take our free courses at Infinite 101

Barry Brooksby

Table of Contents

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