With the school year quickly approaching, paying for college expenses is likely on the minds of many families. If you’re currently saving for that large expense, it is probably taking up a significant portion of your disposable income. Or maybe you’re a grandparent that has earmarked a portion of yourContinue Reading

On the first day of school, for your little bright-eyed wonder, there are all the traditional reasons to cry. “Look how fast they’re growing! They’ll be off to college before you know it!” And there are the not-so-traditional reasons to cry. “How am I ever going to pay for that?”Continue Reading

Andy Tanner hosts Patrick Donohoe in a discussion about the financial benefits of permanent life insurance. Click here to watch this video on YouTube! Be sure to check out Infinite 101 for additional education.              

Most of us, when we hear the words “budget” and “financial management” get an uneasy feeling in the pit of our stomach. We relate the process of budgeting to going “without”. First of all let me be clear, managing your cash flow and having a good financial plan is anythingContinue Reading

When I was young I remember going to my grandparents’ house, and being fascinated by the interesting things I could find from their habit of saving, or in a better word, hoarding everything. To get from the front door to the kitchen you had to navigate through a small pathContinue Reading